Hearts For Teaching
                                        "One loving heart sets another on fire."
                                                                               St. Augustine

About Us
Karen Moretti


Laurie Clarcq 

Hello and welcome to our website!  It is hard for me to believe, but this is my 30th year of teaching.  It has never felt like work!! I have had the privilege of teaching many levels from preschool through college.  The students are, by far, my favorite part of teaching, but I have a special passion for exploring ways to connect my students with the curriculum.

I have a strong faith in the power of relationships in education, inside the classroom and out.  It has been my friendships with other educators that have motivated, strengthened and renewed my work.  I invite you all to connect with others and to find your teaching "almas gemelas" (soul mates). 

The encouragement of others has opened doors for me to share my ideas about teaching with other educators.   For over ten years I have contributed to several list-serves for language teachers.  Being a part of these online forums has made me a better teacher, a better colleague and a better person.  You may find some of my posts in newsletters, journals or websites. 

I have been honored to be invited to be a presenter on a local, state and national level.  My presentations and workshops address topics including curriculum, planning, grading, motivation, participation, and interactive activities in Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and integrating Culture. ( See Our Workshops and More page for more information. )

 For the last 14 years I have also also been a presenter, trainer and coach for teachers using TPRS(Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling).

In 2008, Michele Whaley and I began to implement an approach to reading that we have titled Embedded Reading.  It has completely changed my classroom and the success of my students.   It is now a part of the TPRS program and we continue to develop for use by teachers of all subjects.  You can find out more about Embedded Reading on the Hearts For Teaching Embedded Reading page or at www.EmbeddedReading.com.

Most important to me is the message that we are human beings teaching other human beings.   It is the heart, imagination and spirit that we honor in the classroom, and in life.  Whatever the topic, I love having the chance to interact with other teachers and connect with other kindred spirits in the profession!! It is even more rewarding when I get to present with a friend, colleague or "alma gemela". 

 I presently teach Spanish at Marcus Whitman High School in Rushville, New York.  I love classroom visitors, and my district is very supportive and welcoming, so please contact me if you are in the Finger Lakes area!